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Who We Are.

We are more than a marketing or branding agency. We are advocates of human-centered design. We are changemakers and connectors.

We believe that for-profit companies along with nonprofits have a role to play in changing the world for the better. We guide businesses in creating opportunities that benefit communities and in turn their bottom line. And we work with nonprofits to transform their message to create strong engagement with their communities.

We turn ideas into action. 

Stephanie Barna

A reformed journalist and newspaper owner who spent 20 years as editor of the Charleston City Paper before transitioning to public relations and event planning, Stephanie has a well-honed BS detector. She knows what stories are garbage and what stories will resonate.


If you want your business to connect with today's customers, she believes you have a duty to be honest, transparent, and empathetic. That means more than putting the customer first. It means aligning yourself with your customers and seeing them as part of your community. It means understanding what matters to them. It means finding the stories within and turning them into a means of connection.


Compelling stories told well can change the world. 

Jessica Boylston

An accomplished branding and community impact, Jessica spent almost two decades in brand development and brand consulting as the CEO and founder of Ru Concept. 

Jessica has always chosen work that has meaningful impact, whether that's co-founding Arm In Arm, an organization focused on preventing gun violence, producing a film that highlights the fertile connections between farmers and chefs, or consulting with nonprofit organizations on capacity building.

In 2016, she created a community forum in Charleston, SC, called Ideas Into Action and has facilitated more than 30 collaborative conversations that increased the reach of people working on environmental and social justice issues in the community, engaging 2,000 attendees and featuring over 100 organizations. 

In the summer of 2018, she co-created Impact360, a collaborative impact model designed to provide academic and enrichment opportunities for 150 underserved K-12 students, raising $100,000 in just 90 days through grassroots efforts.


She believes that communities are looking to companies and corporations to do the right thing, and using her skills and experience, she is helping make that happen.

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